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Ironman Germany 09


Frankfurter Sparkasse Ironman European Championship, Frankfurt
Frankfurt, Germany • July 5, 2009

É já no domingo Ironman Alemanha com uma start list muito interessante...



site da prova

120 Slots

Nova Kestrel TT

Xtri has exclusive information on the new Kestrel TT Bike. and have now obtained a Spy Shot of the bike.

Kestrel has been rumored to be spending significant time in the A2 Wind Tunnel doing “Out of the box” testing in order to ensure that not only the frameset is fast, but the parts that are being put on the frameset enhance the wind tunnel results. The new design is said to be tested against competitors bikes as the customer receives it out of the box. This ensures that the customer gets “real” results on the bike they will actually ride, not what is perceived as fast.

We are also hearing that it will be available in 2 colors, and 3 different offerings:

LTD with Di2, Zipp Wheels, 3T bar

SL with Sram Red, Mavic Wheels, Zipp Bar

Ultegra, Mavic Wheels, Profile Bar

While not final in design just yet, we are certain this will make it's debut in Kona where Kestrel will make it official to athletes. By the way... it will be UCI legal.

Check back with Xtri for exclusive updates....

For more information Kestrelbicycles.com

Sindballe retires from racing...sad...

Danish Ironman triathlete Torbjørn Sindballe retires due to "an abnormal heart valve"

Torbjørn Sindballe Most fans of Ironman racing will know Torbjørn Sindballe for his unique and "cooling" all white bike and run gear from the last couple Kona Ironman World Championships.

Fans might also recall Torbjørn Sindballe for his powerful and dominating bike style, his ITU 2004 and 2006 ITU championships and of course a 3rd place finish at the 2007 Ironman World Championships.

The news today is that the big Ironman triathlete has retired due to "an abnormal heart valve" that left him hyperventilating in T2 at this year's Wildflower Triathlon.

“The past months have been an emotional rollercoaster for my family and me. Going from world-class competition in the toughest sport in the world to fearing a heart surgery in the near future at the same time as your second child is born is an extreme experience” he said.

“My wife, family, friends and sponsors have been a tremendous support in this process and the doctors have been outstanding in their evaluations. Based on the situation I feel good about the decision and can look back on an amazing career in an amazing sport.”

"During wildflower triathlon in early May the Danish powerhouse ended his race hyperventilating in T2 after a very uncharacteristic bike ride during which he faded down the field with a drastically dropping HR and heavy fatigue. The Dane has known about an abnormal heart valve since 2005 and has had regular checkups to ensure he was safe to race. After the incident in California he has gone through extensive testing and evaluation with Danish experts. After considering their advice Torbjørn has decided to stop his career immediately."

"After meeting with the doctors on Tuesday and sleeping on it," said Sindballe, "it was clear to me that I was going to end my career. The past two months have been tough as it has been both a very emotional time and a very complex problem for the doctors to advice on. There is very little hard science on elite endurance athletes with heart malformations, but after reviewing the general recommendations and whatever science there is, I feel this is the right decision as there is a clearly elevated risk that the malfunction will progress if I continue."

The Dane has known about an abnormal heart valve since 2005, and it manifested itself in the most recent Wildflower Triathlon. After the incident in California he has gone through extensive testing and evaluation

“I am going to miss the lifestyle and the intense excitement of training and racing. Of course I’m sad that I will not get to see the impact of the big changes in my training we have made this year and that I will not be able to compete for the crown in Kona. On the other hand I am very proud of what I have achieved. Two ITU Long distance World Champs and a podium in Kona, where I am really not suited to race, is something I will carry with me forever. I have learned so much and feel very privileged.”

Boas noticias para o ciclismo português....

Rui Costa no Tour

O que parecia impensável logo na primeira época, concretiza-se. Com apenas 22 anos, Rui Costa vai estrear-se no Tour, prova que vai contar com dois portugueses, depois da confirmação pela Astana de Sérgio Paulinho.

A Caisse d'Epargne, que está privada de Alejandro Valverde, escolheu o ciclista da Póvoa de Varzim para estar entre os nove eleitos, notícia recebida esta 2.ª feira de manhã.

"O diretor desportivo ficou de me ligar a dizer alguma coisa mas esqueceu-se. Tive de ser eu a ligar-lhe e disse então que eu ia. Estou naturalmente satisfeito, pois nunca esperava ir já este ano ao Tour", confessou o jovem.

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The coolest cycling video...

2009 Hy-Vee ITU Triathlon Team World Championships

Swiss Team World Champions!

2009 Hy-Vee ITU Triathlon Team World Championships
4 x [250m swim, 6.6km bike, 1.6km run]
Unofficial Results

Gold – SWITZERLAND I 1:20:56
[Magali di Marco, Ruedi Wild, Daniela Ryf, Lukas Salvisberg]
Silver – AUSTRALIA I 1:21:05 +:09
[Emma Moffatt, Courtney Atkinson, Emma Snowsill, Brad Kahlefeldt]
Bronze – CANADA I 1:21:31 +:35
[Lauren Groves, Brent McMahon, Kathy Tremblay, Simon Whitfield]
4th – USA I 1:21:53 +:57
[Laura Bennett, Jarrod Shoemaker, Sarah Haskins, Matt Reed]
5th – CANADA II 1:22:31 +1:35
[Paula Findlay, Kyle Jones, Marianne Hogan, Andrew McCartney]
6th – NEW ZEALAND I 1:23:03 +2:07
[Andrea Hewitt, Kris Gemmell, Samantha Warriner, Bevan Docherty]
7th – RUSSIA I 1:23:37 +2:41
[Olga Dmitrieva, Ivan Vasiliev, Anastasia Polyanskaya, Artem Parienko]
8th – UKRAINE I 1:23:43 +2:47
[Yuliya Sapunova, Andrey Glouschenko, Olasya Pristayko, Daniil Sapunov]
9th – NEW ZEALAND II 1:24:07 +3:11
[Kate McIlroy, Clark Ellice, Rebecca Spence, Ryan Sissons]
10th – JAPAN I 1:24:38 +3:42
[Mariko Adachi, Ryosuke Yamamoto, Ai Ueda, Yuichi Hosoda]

Campeonatos nacionais Ciclismo 09

A prova de elite, 63,5 quilómetros, decidiu-se na penúltima volta, quando Ester Alves deixou a companhia da companheira de equipa Celina Carpinteiro e de Rute Costa para um autoritário triunfo em solitário. Celina foi segunda e Rute, que fraquejou mais notoriamente, teve de contentar-se com o último lugar do pódio.

Elites Femininas - 63.5 km
Média de 31,491 km/h
1ª Ester Alves (4 Life/Freebike/Bike Clube São Brás), 2h00m59s
2ª Celina Carpinteiro (4 Life/Freebike/Bike Clube São Brás), 2h03m07s
3ª Rute Costa (4 Life/Freebike/Bike Clube São Brás), 2h06m21s
4ª Catarina Anastácio (individual), 2h06m39s
5ª Ana Vigário (4 Life/Freebike/Bike Clube São Brás), 2h06m50s
6ª Angela Fernandes (CC Spol - Caixanova), 2h08m42s
7ª Anais Moniz (ACD Milharado/Intermarché Mafra), 2h10m22s
8ª Carla Cabral (MSS/Póvoa de Varzim/Maxibikes), 2h11m49s
9ª Ana Valido (4 Life/Freebike/Bike Clube São Brás), 2h13m35s
10ª Filipa Fernandes (GD Volta da Pedra), 2h14m35s


Non-Doping Cyclists Finish Tour De France

PARIS—A small but enthusiastic crowd of several dozen was on hand at the Tour de France's finish line on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées Tuesday to applaud the efforts of the 28 cyclists who completed the grueling 20-stage, 2,208.3-mile race without the aid of performance-enhancing drugs.

Non Doping

Great Britain's Bradley Wiggins finished the final 56km time trial in a respectable and drug-free 4 hours and 38 minutes.

Finland's Piet Kvistik, a domestique with the Crédit Mondial team, was this year's highest-finishing non-doping rider (142nd overall). Kvistik claimed the maillot propre, the blue jersey worn by the highest-placed "clean" rider, on the ninth stage of the race when the six riders who had previously worn it tested positive for EPO, elevated levels of testosterone, and blood-packing.

"This is a very, very proud day for me," said the 115-pound Kvistik, who lost 45% of his body mass during the event, toppled from his saddle moments after finishing, and had to be administered oxygen, fed intravenously, and injected with adrenaline by attending medical personnel. "They say it is physically impossible to ride all of the Tour without drugs, but we prove them wrong this day."

"What day is it, anyway?" asked Kvistik, his eyes rolling wildly in his head. "I can no longer tell."

Kvistik's overall time for the Tour was 571 hours, 22 minutes, and 33 seconds, beating by over an hour the previous record for a non-enhanced rider, set by Albrect Påart during 1923's infamous ether-and-morphine-shortened race. Kvistik finished a mere 480 hours behind Alberto Contador, the overall winner, making 2007's margin between doping and non-doping riders the closest in history.

"It became most difficult for us on the 7th stage, which was almost 200 kilometers and the first stage through the mountains," Kvistik said while accepting the non-doping victor's 100-franc check from his stretcher. "Not only did the excruciating pain and weakness in my legs make it difficult to walk my bike on the steeper stretches, it was mentally very hard to know that half the other clean riders were dead or dying. Also, the other 141 riders finished the Tour in Paris that morning, which made it all that much harder."

"It's rather a shame that the Tour's 'clean' riders, or 'lanternes naturelles' as the fans call them, receive so little attention, for their monumental achievement," said cycling commentator Phil Liggett, reporting on the non-doping riders' finish for Versus-2, the little-sister network to Versus, who carried the main Tour de France coverage. "It's nearly impossible to compete in the full Tour while shot full of human growth hormone, erythropoietin, testosterone, glucocorticosteroids, synthetic testosterone, anabolic steroids, horse testosterone, amphetamines, and one's own pre-packed oxygen-rich red blood cells. To do it on water and bananas is almost heroic, no matter what one's time is."

While Kvistik's achievement is being celebrated by cycling insiders, critics of the Tour de France maintain that not enough is being done to combat the use of performance-enhancing substances in cycling's premier event.

"Nonsense—pure nonsense," said Tour general director Christian Prudhomme, who was vacationing in Switzerland as Kvistik crossed the finish line. "We have done everything we could imagine, both in terms of prize money and other incentives, to promote riders who compete without pharmaceutical aid. But we simply do not have the resources, nor the viewers the interest, to televise the entire two months it takes for a normal, unadulterated human to circumnavigate an entire nation on a bicycle."

Kvistik remains in critical condition at the Hôpital Neuilly-sur-Seine, where he was placed in a medically induced coma to aid his recovery from exhaustion, malnutrition, and loss of bone density. Attending physicians say he is not expected to return to cycling.

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Ironman France-Nice 09

Pro Male Athletes

1 ZAMORA PEREZ, Marcel 3/4/1 31/MPRO 00:53:10 04:48:59 02:43:17 08:30:06
2 FAURE, Hervé 5/5/2 33/MPRO 00:53:16 04:48:35 02:54:26 08:40:55
3 BILLEAU, Simon 14/2/3 27/MPRO 00:54:46 04:45:40 03:00:41 08:46:30
4 ALONSO-MC KERNAN, Clemente 1/7/4 31/MPRO 00:51:04 04:58:59 02:52:28 08:48:59
5 MARCEAU, Olivier 2/1/5 36/MPRO 00:51:11 04:45:00 03:11:50 08:52:53
6 CLERBOUT, Bruno 7/9/6 33/MPRO 00:53:16 05:05:58 02:53:10 08:58:02
7 GALINDEZ, Oscar 13/6/7 38/MPRO 00:53:24 04:48:01 03:21:31 09:08:26

e também esteve lá um tuga que sacou uma prestação excelente

37 NEVES, Márcio 39/12/6 26/M25 01:03:54 05:15:55 03:13:00 09:41:54

Pro Female Athletes

1 DECKERS, Tine 3/2/1 31/FPRO 00:58:04 05:14:36 03:11:58 09:30:29
2 ROBIN, Christel 9/1/2 22/FPRO 01:00:18 05:05:22 03:22:23 09:34:19
3 DOGANA, Martina 6/3/3 30/FPRO 00:58:53 05:31:37 03:01:20 09:37:35
4 BAYLEY, Abigail 8/8/4 32/FPRO 00:59:41 05:34:42 03:07:07 09:47:22
5 LOUISON, Alexandra 10/4/5 27/FPRO 01:00:33 05:29:44 03:16:03 09:52:28
6 MEYERS, Katya 13/6/6 29/FPRO 01:05:56 05:26:48 03:19:15 09:58:30
7 SCHUECKER, Linda 11/9/7 27/FPRO 01:02:30 05:32:58 03:39:36 10:21:29
8 GRICE, Yvette 2/13/8 29/FPRO 00:56:22 05:52:30 03:27:53 10:24:06
9 SCHWALBE, Ulrike 16/11/9 31/FPRO 01:10:27 05:29:53 03:40:17 10:28:57
10 WELLEKENS, Francoise 15/10/10 45/FPRO 01:08:34 05:29:21 03:44:03 10:30:31

Hy-Vee Triathlon, Des Moines, USA 09 after party news...

"Wow, it's amazing, it hasn't sunk in at all yet,” commented Moffatt at the finish. “It's great to put together two great races in six days and to come away with the win, I'm ecstatic. It was good to make the break and get a lead and I was a bit concerned when Andrea [Hewitt] came with me for the first lap. I was just trying to focus on running and not on the money. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, I haven't given it any thought."

...está um bocadinho fofinha...

“Two podiums in two weekends is really pleasing, especially from where I've been placed after the bike”, said Snowsill. “It's easier to have your team mate beat you. I think we'll be having a big party back in Oz when we get home!"

“That was some payback for last year, in a sporting sense,” said Whitfield at the finish. “I wanted to get one over on Jan [Frodeno] after last year's Olympic Games. I always want to win the races the other guys want to win. First thing I'm doing is buying this amazing toy house for my daughter Pippa. She's been running round the front yard at home and really inspired me."

“It's been an amazing year with these sprint finishes and today I had a good one,” commented Kahlefeldt. “I felt really easy out there and thought I could win it, but Simon [Whitfield] used his experience and placed himself really well in the last technical section and there was no stopping him. Jan [Frodeno] and I always seem to come together this year and we got a bit close in the home straight, but that's racing."

Hy-Vee ITU Triathlon Elite Cup
1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run
Elite Women - Official Results

Gold – Emma Moffatt (AUS) 1:59:46
Silver – Emma Snowsill (AUS) 2:01:19 +1:33
Bronze – Lauren Groves (CAN) 2:01:31 +1:45
4th – Magali di Marco (SUI) 2:01:48 +2:02
5th – Liz Blatchford (GBR) 2:02:04 +2:18
6th – Andrea Hewitt (NZL) 2:02:26 +2:40
7th – Lisa Norden (SWE) 2:02:37 +2:51
8th – Daniela Ryf (SUI) 2:02:59 +3:13
9th – Sarah Haskins (USA) 2:03:26 +3:40
10th – Helen Jenkins (GBR) 2:03:45 +3:59

Hy-Vee ITU Triathlon Elite Cup
1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run
Elite Men - Official Results

Gold – Simon Whitfield (CAN) 1:49:43
Silver – Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) 1:49:44 +:01
Bronze – Jan Frodeno (GER) 1:49:44 +:01
4th – Kris Gemmell (NZL) 1:49:45 +:02
5th – Jarrod Shoemaker (USA) 1:49:47 +:04
6th – Javier Gomez (ESP) 1:49:51 +:08
7th – Brent McMahon (CAN) 1:50:07 +:24
8th – Tim Don (GBR) 1:50:21 +:38
9th – Danyl Sapunov (UKR) 1:50:26 +:43
10th – Ryosuke Yamamoto (JPN) 1:50:32 +:49

site ITU

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Ciclismo: Campeonato Nacional Espanhol de contra relógio- Elites

ALBERTO CONTADOR wins 2009 spanish time trial championship

June 26, 2009 - Team Astana’s Alberto Contador is the new national Time Trial Champion of Spain. Contador (26) was the fastest rider on the 47.8 kilometer long course between Torrelavega and Cuevas de Altamira. Contador was challenged by Luis León Sánchez (Caisse d’Epargne) who had the best intermediate time – one second faster than Contador - after 27kms. But in the second part of the race, Contador reversed the situation finishing 36 seconds faster than Sánchez. Ruben Plaza (Liberty Seguros) finished third, one minute and 4 seconds behind.

For the Spanish champion, it’s his first gold medal in the event as a professional rider (as U23 rider he won the 2002 championship). Earlier this season, Alberto Contador won three other time trials (in the Tour of Algarve, Paris-Nice and Tour of the Basque Country).

“I needed some extra training on my new Trek time trial bike”, commented Contador. “And the best way to do that is in a race. Thanks to its distance this was a good simulation of the Tour de France time trial. My preparation for the Tour is done. I cannot complain. I am ready. This was of course not only training, I really wanted this Spanish title. I had to struggle till the end to beat Luis León. I am proud to be the champion of Spain, and I will show the Spanish colors for the first time in Monaco in the first stage of the Tour de France.”

Result of Spain’s Time Trial Championship (Torrelavega-Cuevas de Altamire, 47.8 K):

1. Alberto Contador (Astana) 1.04.40
2. Luis León Sánchez (Caisse d’Epargne) 0.36
3. Ruben Plaza (Liberty Seguros) 1.04
4. Francisco Mancebo (Rock Racing) 1.46
5. Iván Gutiérrez (Caisse d’Epargne)

Ciclismo: Campeonato Nacional de contra relógio- Elites

Tiago Machado campeão nacional de contra-relógio

Ciclista da Madeinox-Boavista garante o seu primeiro título de elites.

Tiago Machado sagrou-se esta sexta-feira, em Santa Maria da Feira, campeão nacional do contra-relógio.

O ciclista da Madeinox-Boavista não deu hipóteses à concorrência e cumpriu os 40,5 Kms m 50,31 minutos (média 47,50 kms/h), levando a melhor sobre Cândido Barbosa (Palmeiras-Tavira) e José Mendes (Liberty Seguros), segundo e terceiro classificados, respectivamente.

E uma noticia triste...

Ciclista bielorrusa atropelada

Zinaida Stahurskaia,vencedora do Toru de França em 2002, morreu atropelada.

A ciclista bielorussa Zinaida Stahúrskaia faleceu ontem vitíma de um atropelamento enquanto circulava de bicicleta na Bielorússia.

Stahúrskaia, que tem residência em Itália havia regressado à sua terra natal de forma a preparar as suas futuras competições longe do calor transalpino.

Entre os seus principais feitos, Zinaida conta-se a vitória no Tour de França e no Giro de Itália.


Alguém viu um grupo de triatletas russos por aí?

Não constam na start list de Des Moines, que por acaso é já amanhã nem na start list dos Europeus...

Se alguém souber do paradeiro deles por favor avisem....

The Russian Triathlon Federation

Bate recorde mas fica chateada...

German swimmer breaks world freestyle record and is embarrassed by the swim


Normally when a swimmer breaks a world record they are over the moon.

But not so with German swimmer Britta Steffen who just broke the 100 meter freestyle record in Berlin.

Instead of being crazy happy, she was embarrassed and said this:

"My new suit is as if it comes from a different planet. One swims as if on an air mattress, I am more than a second faster. Where is it going to lead?”

She also added this ,"This suit will no longer be allowed next year, which is a good thing, because this fight over materials is destroying swimming as a sport."

According to thelocal.com:

"Steffen, 25, said breaking the record was a lifetime dream along with winning Olympic gold, which she has already done twice. But she said the new kinds of suit were ruining the sport.

She said she tried the ‘hydrofoil’ model only a week ago. “I thought, this was not possible,” she said. “This is the craziest thing I have ever worn. You lie on top of the water, don’t die in the last metres, you have no pain.”

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I Love Blocks...

Cool stuff...check it out...


Volta á França feminina 09

British cyclist wins the Tour de France


OK, maybe the headline was a bit confusing since the men's Tour de France starts in about two weeks but never-the-less true.

Emma Pooley of the U.K has won the 'women's Tour de France' more formally known as the "Grande Boucle" by 22 seconds over team-mate Christiane Soeder of Austria and Marianne Vos of Holland in the four-stage race.

According to the U.K.'s Guardian:

"The 27-year-old from London won the individual time-trial on day one and triumphed in stage three by 20 seconds on Saturday, before consolidating her position with a fifth-place finish in yesterday's final stage to follow up Cooke's triumphs in 2006 and 2007."

According to Wikipedia:

"The Grande Boucle, formerly known as the Tour Cycliste Feminin, or simply Tour Feminin, is one of the Grand Tours of women's cycle races in the world. The term "Grande Boucle" itself means "Great Loop" in English and was called thus because the race was held as a series of individual stages which, together, took a circuitous course around France.

In spite of all the troubles, the Grande Boucle, during its run, was one of the premier events each year in women's cycle racing and the list of winners and medalists reads like a Who's Who in women's cycle racing. To win or even be awarded a medal in the event was considered a stellar achievement, one which would grace any rider's resume.

In 2004, the race could not be held because of organisational difficulties. It returned in 2005 and 2006 in a smaller format. The previous tours were often 10 to 15 stages long, while the recent races had only five stages, and stayed in one region of France. The race was also rated much lower by the UCI, and consequently had a reduced field of competitors. In 2008, the race was up to six days and seven stages, but in 2009 the race will be just four days long due to organisational difficulties (a planned race start in Britain fell through).

Entrevista com Vanessa Fernandes para a TRI247.com


Interview: Vanessa Fernandes
Posted by: Annie Emmerson
Posted on: Friday 5th June 2009

Along with her arch rival, Emma Snowsill, Vanessa Fernandes has dominated women's short course racing for several years. When Snowsill and Fernandes feature on the startlist together, the other athletes almost resign themselves to the fact that they'll be fighting it out for third place. Last year the much talked about Olympic showdown between the two saw Emma come out on top. Many would think that a silver medal would be a disappointment, after all, Portugal's national hero, does have well over 20 World Cup victories to her name, but not so! Vanessa, who talks flatteringly about her closest rival, says that her silver medal was her greatest reward for many years hard work. Some may find that hard to believe, but Vanessa is convincingly genuine about how she feels about her silver medal and is not one, it appears, to be affected by the pressures of being one of the greatest short course athletes ever seen.

AE Vanessa, obviously as an athlete that has been on the centre stage for sometime we know a lot about your achievements in triathlon, but tell us about your sporting background and how you became involved in triathlon?

VF I’ve always been involved in sport. I grew up watching my father who was a professional cyclist. At six I was already swimming and at 13 I was running and competing in my first triathlon.

AE Did you ever consider becoming a cyclist and following in the footsteps of your father?

VF No, there was never pressure from my family for me to become a cyclist. Everything just happened naturally and I gradually realised my vocation in life was triathlon.

AE We've heard that you suffered a broken collar bone during pre-season training, how did it happen and are you back to full training?

VF Yes, it’s true, I had an accident during a training session. I fell really hard on the ground and unfortunately my shoulder took all the impact! It’s been a slow recovery and I’m still not at 100%. It also means I've lost a few months of training because of it.

AE Madrid took place last weekend - you've won all six previous World Cup races there, it must have been disappointing not to race there this year?

vanessa in madrid

Oh happy days...

VF I have great memories of Madrid, and it’s wonderful to have won all six races there. Yes, it was disappointing not to be able to race this year.

AE Six victories is an incredible record - what is about Madrid that suits you so well?

VF I could say the weather (she laughs) but no, I just have been lucky in Madrid. I've always felt in a great shape for the race. The organization is great, the crowd is amazing, and I've just always felt very motivated there.

AE You've won numerous European and World Duathlon Championship gold medals, do you plan on continuing to race duathlon?

VF I usually do duathlon and athletics to help improve my performance, it’s good to do different sports from time to time. Yes, duathlon will continue to be a part of my racing programme.

AE Duathlon is sometimes seen as the poor relation to triathlon, yet it's a tougher sport than triathlon. The prize money is also much less so it's great to see you racing?

VF As I said, it’s nice to do something different sometimes, and although I love triathlon I respect duathletes a lot. For me duathlon is a very complete sport.

AE As one of two (Emma obviously being the other), runaway Olympic gold medal favourites in Beijing, the pressure on you must have been immense prior to the Games - how did you handle that pressure in the run up to the Olympic triathlon?

vanessa and emma

I love you man...you're my hero...

VF There were attempts to put pressure on me (she says this with a smile), but, sincerely, I never felt it. I’m a very calm and controlled person, and although I knew the responsibility I had, I think I handled it very well.

AE How much of a disappointment for you was it to win a silver medal and not gold.

VF There was never any disappointment, because I never said I would win gold. Mine and my team's main objective was to win a medal, and I did just that. As the Portuguese press said: the silver felt like gold.

AE The Portuguese are renowned for supporting their athletes - as one of Portugal's leading athletes do you get a lot of public recognition for what you've achieved?

VF Yes, a lot fortunately. Every day I receive dozens of emails from fans from all over the country and from all ages. It’s very nice to have that kind of support.

AE Emma and you have dominated the ITU circuit for the last few years - do you think either of you will be challenged this year and if so by who?

VF Yes, the same as we came onto the circuit new athletes will also appear and challenge us, although I'm not sure who they will be. I think that’s good for both us, it will push us to be better.

AE You've beaten Emma on many occasions, but at the moment she seems invincible, what will it take to beat her this year?

VF Emma is a very good and likeable athlete, but no one is invincible, and someday, someone will be better.

AE What's your best memory in your triathlon career so far?

VF It has to be when I won my Olympic Medal. It gave me immense pleasure to win it because it was hard to win. Years of work ended with winning that medal - it was a relief somehow.

vanessa olympic podium

We did it girls...

AE What's your favourite training session?

VF I love riding the bike. It gives me peace of mind.

AE Do you have any plans to race longer distances in the future?

VF It would be an exciting challenge, but at the moment its not part of my plans.

AE If you had to name your sporting hero (in any sport) who would it be?

VF Rosa Mota (World, European and Olympic marathon gold medalist) and Fernanda Ribeiro (World and Olympic 10,000m gold medalist) both Portugese, and Lance Armstrong. They are strong people with very powerful and interesting stories.

AE You've already achieved so much in sport, and at such a young age, what else would you like to achieve before you hang up your bike and running shoes?

VF I hope to achieve more, and I hope to achieve it on and off the bike. I feel that my life will always have to be linked to sports, competing or in the background helping younger athletes.

É já no 5 de Julho os Campeonatos da Europa de triatlo Elites/Juniores e Age-Groups na cidade holandesa de Holten...À espera dos nossos atletas está uns fortes atletas europeus e que "nós" nos vamos ter de bater para sacarmos alguma medalha...Força malta...

A lista de convocados é a seguinte:

Elites Femininos:
  • Anaís Moniz - Clube Futebol "Os Belenenses"
  • Bárbara Clemente - Halcon/Spiuk/ Olímpico de Oeiras
  • Vanessa Fernandes - Sport Lisboa e Benfica


  • Bruno Pais - Sport Lisboa e Benfica
  • Duarte Marques - SR Camarnal/Seguros Contacto/Ika/Hilzy
  • João José Pereira - Alhandra Sporting Clube
  • João Silva - Halcon/Spiuk/ Olímpico de Oeiras
  • Miguel Arraiolos - Halcon/Spiuk/ Olímpico de Oeiras

Juniores Femininos:

  • Filipa Ferreira - Alhandra Sporting Clube
  • Mariana Costa - Clube Olímpico de Oeiras
  • Sofia Almeida - Alhandra Sporting Clube


  • Hugo Ventura - Clube Olímpico de Oeiras
  • João Amorim - Alhandra Sporting Clube
  • João Serrano - SR Camarnal/Seguros Contacto/Ika/Hilzy
  • Pedro Palma - Clube Triatlo Perosinho
  • Ruben Costa - Sporting Clube de Portugal

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The most important competition is on Sunday. The best athletes (juniors and elite) in Europe will compete for the title of European Champion. This is your chance to watch some of the best athletes in the world compete.

Junior Ladies triathletes

(Start at the Domelaar)

Junior Men triathletes

(Start at the Domelaar)

Elite Ladies triathletes

(Start at the Domelaar)

Elite Men Triathletes

Start at the Domelaar)

Prize giving Elite and Juniors

After the official prize giving, the event will be closed of by the band “Evers slaat door”, known from radio 538 DJ Edwin Evers

terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009

David Rosa surpreende em Moreira de Cónegos

Depois de Castro Marim e Ribeira de Pena, a vila vimaranense de Moreira de Cónegos não foi a excepção na regra que, por tantas provas disputadas consagrou outros tantos vencedores na categoria rainha. Desta feita, depois de José Militão e Luís Pinto, foi a vez de David Rosa (CEF - Centro de Estudos de Fátima) levar a melhor na corrida vespertina de domingo num circuito selectivo e no qual o calor foi uma dificuldade extra a ultrapassar. A corrida masculina de Elites foi conquistada por uma vitória esclarecedora do betetista da região centro que percorreu o percurso em 2m22m17s, a uma média de 16 km/h, precedendo no risco em quase dez minutos o segundo classificado, Daniel Marques (BTT Trilhos). Por sua vez, na luta pelo terceiro posto, foi José Melitão (GD Volta da Pedra), quem chegou com uma tranquila margem de segurança para o seu colega de equipa, Davide Marques. Na geral da Taça de Portugal de Elites, David Melitão fez jus à regularidade não patenteada noutros vencedores e permanece como líder, com 92 pontos.

Resumo classificativo
Elites - 39.9 km | Média de 16.826 km/h
1º David Rosa (Centro Estudos de Fátima), 2h22m17s
2º Daniel Marques (BTTrilhos), 2h32m05s
3º José Melitão (GD Volta da Pedra), 2h32m45s
4º David Marques (GD Volta da Pedra), 2h34m20s
5º Ivo Santos (Clube BTT Seia), 2h35m47s

Sub-23 - 34.2 km | Média de 16.264 km/h
1º Tiago Ferreira (Blackjack/Castrovães), 2h06m10s
2º Diogo Afonso (SLB Vila Real Stº António), 2h10m12s
3º Renato Ferreira (GD Volta da Pedra), 2h11m09s
4º André Enes (MSS - Póvoa de Varzim - Maxibikes), 2h12m01s
5º Ricardo Vicente (Bicisintra), 2h18m08s

Juniores - 28.5 km | Média de 16.391 km/h
1º David Rodrigues (Clube Montanhismo da Guarda), 1h44m20s
2º Mário Costa (MSS - Póvoa de Varzim - Maxibikes), 1h45m34s
3º Rodrigues Gomes (BTTrilhos), 1h54m40s
4º Alexandre Ferreira (Focus/Casa do Povo da Retorta), 1h55m30s
5º Rui Carvalho (CCD Serra/Monforqueijo), 1h57m15s

segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009

Hy-Vee Triathlon, Des Moines, USA 09 (the big money race)

É já este fim de semana, dia 27 Junho o Hy-Vee Triathlon World Cup Race...

No caso de não se lembrarem muito bem quem foram os vencedores do prémio mais alto alguma vez visto no mundo do triatlo, aqu estão eles e elas...e mais uma vez não temos lá nenhuns tugas a lutar pelo "bolo" grande...

O grande vencedor do ano passado não vai estar presente este ano...

And he wins the Nevada City Classic bike race 09

Lance Armstrong wins first race after comeback to pro cycling

Lancearmstrong3 It was in little town in Colorado that Lance decided to return to pro cycling after taking on the Leadville 100 and finishing in second place.

Now he's moved up the podium to the top spot as he wins the Nevada City Classic holding back his teammate Levi Leipheimer who finished in 3rd place just a second behind Ben Jacques-Maynes.

On twitter Armstrong wrote:

"What a great Nevada City Classic. I managed to get the win, @levi_leipheimer was 3rd. HARD race. The crowds? Electric..."

Over 15,000 people watch Armstrong race and he did not disappoint "repeated 1.1-mile circuit through the historic mining town in 1 hour, 28 minutes and 20 seconds, sprinting away from the peloton with about six laps to go on the hilly course," according to the AP.

domingo, 21 de junho de 2009

2009 Dextro Energy Triathlon - ITU World Championship Series Washington, DC

Aqui ficam as qualificações do pódium da prova WCS em Washington...

2009 Dextro Energy Triathlon - ITU World Championship Series Washington, DC

Washington, DC United States June 21, 2009
Click Here for All Results Or click Race Name below to see results directly

Elite Women

1 Moffatt, Emma AUS 01:59:55

2 Snowsill, Emma AUS 02:00:20

3 Ryf, Daniela SUI 02:01:01

Elite Men

1 Brownlee, Alistair GBR 01:48:58

2 Gomez, Javier ESP 01:49:11

3 Petzold, Maik GER 01:49:24

site da prova

Tour de Suisse stage 9-final

Cancellara captures Suisse victory

Swiss takes over lead from Valjavec on last day

Fabian Cancellara celebrates after taking the final TT and the overall Tour de Suisse.

Fabian Cancellara celebrates after taking the final TT and the overall Tour de Suisse.

Swiss Fabian Cancellara (Saxo Bank) won the time trial and claimed the race overall classification in the final day of the Tour de Suisse Sunday. He rode the 38.5-kilometre course in Bern with a time of 46:01, more than three minutes faster than previous race leader Tadej Valjavec (AG2R La Mondiale).

Slovenia's Valjavec held the race lead since Tuesday's stage to Stäfa. He had four seconds on Cancellara before the stage, but closed the final stage with a time of 49:48. He placed fifth and 3:18 back in the final overall classification.

Germany's Tony Martin (Columbia-Highroad) placed second in the time trial, 1:25 behind Cancellara. Dutchman Thomas Dekker (Silence-Lotto) set an early fast time of 47:41 and held on to finish third for the day.

Martin's ride enabled him to move from fourth to second in the general classification. He finished the race 2:02 behind Cancellara. Czech Republic's Roman Kreuziger (Liquigas) finished seventh on the day and retained his third place overall, 22 seconds behind Martin.

Martin, stage winner yesterday in Crans-Montana, also claimed the race's mountains classification. His team won six stages in the nine-day race.

Cancellara accounted for two of Saxo Bank's three wins. He won the opening time trial in Ruggell last Saturday and Dane Matti Breschel won the Stäfa stage where Valjavec took yellow.

Marcus Burghardt (Columbia-Highroad) and Sylvain Chavanel (Quick Step) finished in fourth and fifth in the time trial. Australian Cameron Meyer (Garmin-Slipstream) finished in sixth, 1:50 back on Cancellara.

1 Fabian Cancellara (Swi) Team Saxo Bank 0:45:59
2 Tony Martin (Ger) Team Columbia - Highroad 0:01:27
3 Thomas Dekker (Ned) Silence-Lotto 0:01:42
4 Marcus Burghardt (Ger) Team Columbia - Highroad 0:01:43
5 Sylvain Chavanel (Fra) Quick Step 0:01:48
6 Cameron Meyer (Aus) Garmin - Slipstream 0:01:50
7 Roman Kreuziger (Cze) Liquigas 0:02:00
8 Brian Vandborg (Den) Liquigas 0:02:02
9 Andreas Klöden (Ger) Astana 0:02:09
10 Thor Hushovd (Nor) Cervélo TestTeam 0:02:14

Final general classification
1 Fabian Cancellara (Swi) Team Saxo Bank 33:05:51
2 Tony Martin (Ger) Team Columbia - Highroad 0:02:02
3 Roman Kreuziger (Cze) Liquigas 0:02:24
4 Andreas Klöden (Ger) Astana 0:02:50
5 Vladimir Karpets (Rus) Team Katusha 0:03:18
6 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre - N.G.C. 0:03:23
7 Tadej Valjavec (Slo) AG2R La Mondiale 0:03:45
8 Rein Taaramae (Est) Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne 0:04:04
9 Kim Kirchen (Lux) Team Columbia - Highroad
10 Maxime Monfort (Bel) Team Columbia - Highroad 0:04:08
11 Michael Albasini (Swi) Team Columbia - Highroad 0:04:53
12 Peter Velits (Svk) Team Milram 0:05:40
13 Rui Alberto Faria (Por) Caisse d'Epargne 0:05:58
14 George Hincapie (USA) Team Columbia - Highroad 0:06:08
15 Olivier Zaugg (Swi) Liquigas 0:06:11
16 Thomas Dekker (Ned) Silence-Lotto 0:06:22
17 Chris Anker Sörensen (Den) Team Saxo Bank 0:06:38
18 Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin - Slipstream 0:06:43
19 Damien Monier (Fra) Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne 0:07:04
20 Sandy Casar (Fra) Française Des Jeux 0:07:05