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Emma Snowsill to Make 2010 Season Debut in Seoul

Beijing Olympic champion Emma Snowsill will make her long awaited return to racing at next weekend’s Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Seoul. 


The Aussie endured a frustrating 2009, undergoing mid-season hip surgery and watching on the sideline as compatriot Emma Moffatt claimed the inaugural Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship title at the Series Grand Final on Australia’s Gold Coast. Snowsill was then struck with a debilitating virus during the Australian summer and was forced to sit out her first two scheduled races of this year. 
My body feels good, my last couple of weeks training have been very solid, and I’m highly motivated to have a good season following the frustrations I endured with injury last year.
Emma Snowsill
Snowsill has not competed since June last year. Her comeback, however, leaves her with enough time to be in contention for the 2010 world crown. She will have the opportunity to score points toward her world ranking at the six remaining Series events, as well as from two World Cup races.
“With the big races coming up in Europe and the United States I need to get a race under my belt and Seoul represents a great opportunity to blow out the cobwebs because it’s a relatively short trip and on the same time line,” Snowsill said. “I’m itching to get back on the start line – even though I’m probably only at about 80 percent in terms of race-ready fitness, my body feels good, my last couple of weeks training have been very solid, and I’m highly motivated to have a good season following the frustrations I endured with injury last year.” 
Snowsill was a frustrated spectator when the 2010 series kicked off in spectacular style at the Sydney Opera House on April 11.
“It was very hard to watch the race in Sydney because I’m not a great spectator at the best of times and it was such a huge event held in our own back yard,” she said. In saying that, I think I’ve learned to listen to my body a bit more through what happened last year and I wasn’t quite ready. I don’t like to put myself on the start line if I don’t believe I will be competitive, so even though I was feeling OK, I knew it was the right decision not to race. By being a little more patient and using Seoul as a stepping stone, I’m hoping to be at peak fitness when the focus shifts to the big European races and the Hy-Vee Elite Cup in the States in June.”
While she may not be racing at 100 percent, Snowsill’s presence on the start line will undoubtedly catch the attention of the other women looking for a win. Others vying for top honors in Seoul include the aforementioned Moffatt, 22-year-old Chilean Barbara Riveros Diaz, who pulled off a surprise win at the Series opener in Sydney, and Kiwi Andrea Hewitt, who has had a very solid start to the 2010 season.

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Lexus introduces new hybrid concept and guess what?

       It's an all-wheel drive bike

p> Bike1 The newest Lexus is certainly a hybrid but not the kind that you would except.
It does have an electric motor but don't spend a lot of time looking for the missing two wheels and of course the gasoline powered engine.
This newest Lexus concept bike is an electric/human power hybrid that's powered by a 240-Watt electric motor and a 25.9-volt lithium battery pack...and of course the rider.
Click HERE to check out the world's fastest bike.
But here's the real interesting part...this Lexus concept bike is all-wheel drive, or to be more precise two-wheel drive.
According to Lexus:
"The Lexus Hybrid Bicycle has all-wheel drive, by means of a belt system. It is equipped with an electric eight-speed Shimano internal gear system, which references the sophisticated eight-speed shift-by-wire automatic transmission of Lexus's LS 600h limousine. The carbon fibre construction shares the same light-but-strong composite materials technology that was used on Valentino Rossi's MotoGP-winning motorcycle."
The bike was introduced at the Tokyo Auto Show and is now in England as part of the company's sponsorship of the Great British Bike Ride.

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2010 TOUR of GILA

Tour of Gila 2010

Será este o novo fenómeno do triatlo mundial??

Lukas Verzbicas
 The old adage "records are made to be broken" was given its ultimate proof at the conclusion of the indoor season when the national high school mark for 5,000m, admittedly an infrequently run distance, was bettered twice in a single day.

In the morning of March 14, running at the National Indoor Scholastic Classic in New York, Solomon Haile lowered Brad Hudson's 25-year-old mark of 14:29:80 by nearly 7 seconds, running 14:22.88 on the Armory Track & Field Center's banked track. But the ink wasn't even dry on the new mark when, a few hundred miles to the northeast, it was lowered further, to 14:18.22, by Lukas Verzbicas at the Nike Indoor National meet in Boston. While Haile is an established star on the scholastic scene, having won the Foot Locker cross country championship in December, Verzbicas, a freshman at Lincoln Way High School in New Lenox, Ill., is a relative neophyte. And running isn't even his primary sport.

"My main sport is triathlon," he says, and he's experienced no small degree of success in that venue, winning a national junior championship and being named to the U. S. team for this May's Pan American Junior Games. "Running is my best and most liked leg of the triathlon," he says, adding, "Of course I still race separate swimming and biking races."

Verzbicas was born in the Lithuanian town of Kaunas in 1993, and came to the United States in 2002. His parents were professional track coaches in Lithuania; since immigrating to Illinois, Verzbicas has been their only charge.

"My training consists of swimming, biking, and running," he says. "I swim five times a week during swimming season, and run or bike each day before swimming. Whenever I have an important running race like NIN I take a week off of swimming and concentrate on running.

"My running mileage is not high," he continues. "I probably haven't run more than 50 miles a week, but during that period my swimming is around 20,000-25,000 yards per week, also I bike sometimes over 100 kilometers. It depends during what period I'm training in." Verzbicas has recently been training with Jeff Jonaitis, a 2:19 marathoner from Tinley Park.

Kids begin school later in Lithuania, so Verzbicas, who turned 16 on Jan. 6, is a little old for a typical American high school freshman, but that doesn't diminish his accomplishments. Just three days after his birthday, he set national freshman marks for the mile (4:15.43) and 3,000m (8:29.15) at the Arkansas Invitational. But those were just a hint of what was to come in Boston in March.

Verzbicas blazed out on the fast Reggie Lewis Center track in 64.0 and 2:13, hitting the 1600 in 4:29.0 and passing 3,000m in 8:31, just off his record for that distance. His last kilometer (2:42.4) was the fastest of the race, and put him 43 seconds ahead of second-place Sean Curry. "I think I was in better shape than my performance," he says. "I just didn't have someone who can run as fast as I could that day running with me. My dad told me that I had to break the record Solomon Haile set earlier that day, which really motivated me. Also, I wanted the Nike Indoor National race to have the record. My plan was to set the 5K record, and later just win the 2-mile." He accomplished that goal, winning by 4 seconds in 8: 57.44. That obliterated the old freshman mark of 9:16.55, but Verzbicas still doesn't have his school records for the mile and 2-mile -- those marks (4:05.1 and 8:43.2, No. 5 on the all-time high school list) are held by Dave Merrick, who went on to All-American cross country and track status at the University of Pennsylvania in the mid-70s.

Verzbicas doesn't compete for his high school track team, but may do so if his school coaches can accommodate his multi-sport training. "The way I feel after my triathlon summer season will matter a lot, too," he says. "Right now I will do both triathlons and running, my main focus being the triathlons, and the future will have to depend on my running results. If I can get to the level of where the East African runners are, then maybe I will become a runner. My goals at the present are to win the triathlon junior national championships in August, and win both Nike and Foot Locker cross country championships in the fall."

Ambitious goals, to be sure, but after taking down some impressive records this winter, you'd expect nothing less from this precocious multi-sport phenomenon.

ITU World Duathlon Championships


September 26, 2009 in Concord, NC

2010 Tour de Romandie


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2010 Duatlo de Guernica

resultados masculinos

2010 Ironman 70.3 Galveston, Texas

Making a Difference: Memorial Hermann

Bozzone, McGlone win in Texas 70.3 

McGlone takes it for the women
1 MCGLONE, SAMANTHA 28/17/12 31/PRO 00:31:29 02:23:22 01:19:59 04:17:22
2 STEVENS, AMANDA 11/16/13 33/PRO 00:27:48 02:25:14 01:22:50 04:18:26
3 WILLIAMSON, KELLY 21/22/14 33/PRO 00:29:51 02:28:14 01:18:18 04:19:02
4 FICKER, DESIREE 30/23/16 34/PRO 00:32:38 02:25:47 01:19:51 04:21:30
5 THUERIG, KARIN 33/20/17 38/PRO 00:39:42 02:14:55 01:24:19 04:22:20
6 JONES, MICHELLIE 23/28/18 41/PRO 00:30:39 02:30:54 01:21:08 04:25:23
7 MEYERS, JESSICA 29/24/19 32/PRO 00:32:35 02:27:19 01:23:32 04:25:54
8 HOMO, MALAIKA 22/27/21 32/PRO 00:30:34 02:30:55 01:32:11 04:36:28
9 LEIGGI, HEATHER 32/29/22 35/PRO 00:35:56 02:26:44 01:32:26 04:38:08
10 FISHER, ANDREA 20/26/23 38/PRO 00:28:50 02:31:34 01:37:20 04:41:11

Bozzone wins!
1 BOZZONE, TERENZO 7/3/1 /PRO 00:26:49 02:08:34 01:11:37 03:49:06
2 ODONNELL, TIMOTHY 4/4/2 30/PRO 00:26:44 02:09:13 01:11:11 03:49:35
3 LIETO, CHRIS 12/1/3 38/PRO 00:27:49 02:04:53 01:15:26 03:50:35
4 POTTS, ANDY 1/6/4 34/PRO 00:25:24 02:13:55 01:10:09 03:52:01
5 BUTTERFIELD, TYLER 15/11/5 27/PRO 00:28:21 02:14:53 01:07:52 03:53:25
6 AMEY, PAUL 13/7/6 37/PRO 00:27:51 02:11:42 01:12:20 03:54:07
7 TOLLAKSON, TJ 8/5/7 30/PRO 00:27:31 02:09:02 01:17:49 03:57:06
8 GRAVES, PHILIP 5/2/8 /PRO 00:26:45 02:08:10 01:21:05 03:58:26
9 SYMONDS, JEFF 17/10/9 25/PRO 00:28:25 02:14:09 01:13:53 03:58:56
10 KILSHAW, STEPHEN 25/12/10 26/PRO 00:31:09 02:14:50 01:17:45 04:06:08

2010 St. Anthony's Triathlon

Americans Dye and Haskins win 2010 St. Anthony's Triathlon

Tri_Training-7209 Boulder, Colorado based triathlete Cameron Dye (in a break out performance) won the 2010 St. Anthony's Triathlon in Florida.
Dye combined a top five swim, with exceptionally fast bike, and a very solid run of 33:34 for an impressive win beating many of the sports best short and long course professionals including Matty Reed and Craig Alexander.
On the women's side of the race it was all about Sarah Haskins who lead the entire race and won the women's title in a time of 1:58:49. She beat one of the early race favorites, Mirinda Carfrae by just under two minutes. Carfrae was about two minutes behind Haskins exiting the swim and was never able to catch up to the speedy American. 

More than 4000 athletes from around the world raced what is often considered one of the fastest Olympic triathlons in the world.
Click HERE for complete amatuer and professional results as soon as they are posted.
Click HERE to listen to a podcast with Cameron Dye.
St. Anthony's Triathlon
St. Petersburg, Florida / April 25, 2010

Top 5 men

1. Cameron Dye (USA) 1:48:44
2. Greg Bennett (AUS) 1:49:04
3. Craig Alexander (AUS) 1:49:14
4. Stuart Hayes (GBR) 1:50:50
5. Matty Reed (USA) 1:51:13

Top 5 women

1. Sarah Haskins (USA) 1:58:49
2. Mirinda Carfrae (AUS) 2:00:20
3. Jillian Petersen (USA) 2:00:35
4. Jodie Stimpson (GBR) 2:01:44
5. Laura Bennett (USA) 2:02:16

Ishigaki World Cup 2010

Niwata over Blatchford in Ishigaki 

Three-time Olympian Kiyomi Niwata of Japan, who has had a distinguished elite career going back to 1997, earned her very first ITU World Cup victory Sunday with a stirring race-best run that gave her an 11-seconds margin of victory over ITU veteran Liz Blatchford of Great Britain.

Niwata, whose previous ITU World Cup bests were second places at Gamagori in 1997 and Ishigaki in 2005, and third places at Ishigaki in 2004 and 2009 and Corner Brook in 2005, came out of the water 11th in 18:50, had the second best bike in 1:12:28, and the fastest run in 36:03. Niwata, who finished 14th at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, 14th at the Athens Olympics in 2004 and a proud 9th at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, finished the race in 2:07:21.

Blatchford, who has one World Cup win on her resume – at Salford in 2005 – plus second place World Cup finishes at Tongyeong in 2003, Madrid and Rio in 2004, and Mooloolaba in 2006 was coming off a third place at the Mooloolaba World Cup and a 12th place at the Dextro Energy ITU World Championship round in Sydney this month. Blatchford pushed hard, but her 36:17 10k run was 14 seconds slower than Niwata’s closing kick.

Tomoko Sakimoto of Japan, whio finished second at Mooloolaba - one place ahead of Blatchford - closed out the podium in 2:08:11, 39 seconds back of Blatchford.

Mariko Adachi of Japan, who joined the four-women breakaway on the run in Sydney before falling 10 seconds back of surprise winner Barbara Riveros Diaz at the finish, had a flat tire which dropped her to 7th place, 1:46 behind Niwata.

American Amanda Felder, the 2008 USAT Collegiate National Champion from San Diego and recent PhD, finished 14th in 2:20:00.
Ishigaki Triathlon World Cup
Ishigaki, Japan
April 25, 2010
S 1.5l / B 40k R 10k


Elite women

1. Kiyomi Niwata (JPN) 2:01:21
2. Liz Blatchford (GBR) 2:07:32
3. Tomoko Sakimoto (JPN) 2:08:11
4. Holly Aitkin (AUS) 2:08:36
5. Keira Pride (AUS) 2:08:36
6. Akane Tsuchihashi (JPN) 2:08:40
7. Mariko Adachi (JPN) 2:09:07
8. Yuka Sato (JPN) 2:10:04
9. Keiko Tanaka (JPN) 2:10:29
10. Melissa Trims (AUS) 2:11:16
14. Amanda Felder (USA) 2:20:00


Meshcheryakov on top


Australia’s Clayton Fettell made a 1:44 break on the bike, but when the running was done, Russia’s Valentin Meshcheryakov outsprinted Japan’s Yuichi Hosada for the win at the 15th Ishigaki World Cup men’s race Sunday.

Meshcheryakov closed with a race-best 32:01 run to finish in 1:54:02 and top Hosada by 5 seconds, with Japan’s Ryosuke Yamamoto third another 13 seconds behind Hosoda.

"It's my first podium and I'm very happy about this," said Meshcheryakov after the race. "I didn't believe that I could catch the leader until the end of the race, but I did that and I am very happy."

Australian David Dellow was fourth, another 24 seconds back. After making a brave surge on the bike, fellow Aussie Clayton Fettell fell back to 5th with a 34:45 run.

Ben Collins, the 2007 ITU age group world champion from the USA, was near the lead pack on the swim and the bike, but fell to 10th with a 33:08 run to finish 69 seconds off the winning time in this closely contested race.
Ishigaki Triathlon World Cup
April 25, 2010
Ishigaki, Japan
S 1.5k/ B 40k/ R 10k


Elite Men

1. Valentin Meshcheryakov (Rus) 1:54:02
2. Yuichi Hosoda (Jpn) 1:54:07
3. Ryosuke Yamamoto (Jpn) 1:54:20
4. David Dellow (Aus) 1:54:44
5. Clayton Fellow (Aus) 1:54:48
6. Hiroki Sugimoto (Jpn) 1:54:51
7. Manuel Huerta (USA) 1:55:03
8. Jan Celustka (Cze) 1:55:05
9. Balazs Pocsai (Hun) 1:55:08
10. Ben Collins (USA) 1:55:11
21. Brandon Barrett (USA) 1:56:55
22. Igor Polyansky (Rus) 1:57:10
30. Chris Tremonte (USA) 2:06:12

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Triatlo Internacional de Lisboa 2010

A Bélgica foi a grande vencedora da 5.ª edição do Triatlo Internacional de Lisboa de Longa Distância que se disputou este sábado no Parque das Nações, em Lisboa, vencendo em ambos os sectores, masculino e feminino, com Dennis Devriendt e Sophie Goos, respectivamente.

Um ano depois de ter perdido o primeiro lugar do pódio por 26 segundo, DeVriendt voltou e venceu a prova. Aos 25 anos, o triatleta belga completou os 120 quilómetros da prova em 3,47.04h, melhorando de forma substancial o tempo do vencedor de há um ano (3,53.50h).

Numa competição renhida, o francês Bertrand Billard foi também protagonista, ao impor um forte ritmo no segmento do ciclismo que causou roturas no pelotão dos primeiros. Esta proeza valeu a Billard o 2.º lugar da geral, terminando a 1,36 minutos de DeVriendt que, ainda assim, só conseguiu virar a corrida a seu favor já na terceira volta do percurso em bicicleta. O terceiro a cortar a meta foi o alemão Markus Fachbach, 3,37 minutos mais tarde que Dennis.
Pedro Gomes, do Clube Olímpico de Oeiras, foi o melhor português ao ocupar o 6.º lugar, completando o percurso em 3,52.31h (a 5,26 minutos do vencedor). Rafael Gomes, do Amiciclo, e Rui Rodrigues, do Compeed/Tri-Oeste, foram, respetivamente, os 2.º e 3.º melhores portugueses. Rafael fez mais 21,30 minutos que DeVriendt e Rodrigues mais 22,48m.
No feminino repetiu-se a história: Sophie Goos, que tinha ficado em segundo há um ano, prometeu vir a Lisboa conquistar o lugar mais alto do pódio. Promessa cumprida em 4,14.38h. Sophie lamentou a ausência da francesa Christel Robin, que em 2009 concluiu a prova em 4,14.57h, pois estava à espera de mais luta no seu sector. Ainda assim, a britânica Alison Rowatt, com 4,21.53h, foi a segunda melhor no sector feminino, enquanto o terceiro posto foi para a holandesa Eva Janssen, com 4,29.05h.


2010 St Anthony's Olympic Distance Triathlon

Australian Triathletes Craig Alexander and Greg Bennett go Head to Head in the 2010 St Anthony's Olympic Distance Triathlon

April 24, 2010

Craig Alexander and Greg Bennett go head to head over an Olympic distance triathlon in the St Anthony Triathlon in St Craig Alexander Huskisson 2010 Long Course Triathlon WinnerPetersburg, Florida. Up for grabs is a share of the US$65,000 in prize money. In between them both and the money is Matthew Reed, Terrenzo Bozzone, fresh from a second place in Ironman New Zealand and Stuart Hayes from Great Britain who was third last year. There are a host of other pro triathletes all with their eyes on the cash. Pro Field starter list.

In a recent interview with Trizone Craig Alexander said that Greg Welch once told him that a good triathlete can do all distances. Each year Crowie likes to do at least one Olympic distance race, a range of 70.3 and similar triathlons plus Ironman.

Greg Bennett recently placed 7th in the first round of the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship in Sydney. He was only 27 seconds behind first place. See results from Sydney and race report.

Greg Bennett
 ITU Sydney RaceAlso racing from Australia is Mirinda Carfrae who will be up against Greg Bennett's wife, Laura Bennett and also Rebeccah Wassner who won St Anthony's last year. Mirinda recently won the 2010 Rohto Ironman 70.3 Triathlon in California.

Now entering its 27th year as one of the largest and most competitive Olympic-distance triathlons in the United States, St. Anthony’s Triathlon is once again preparing to host some of the world’s strongest and most elite professional athletes. More than 4,000 individuals and 150 relay teams from 46 states, 18 countries, and six U.S. territories are expected to compete. The race, sponsored and produced by St. Anthony’s Hospital, takes place Sunday, April 25.

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E vão quinze....

Quinze Portugueses no Europeu de Duatlo

th_cartaz_europeuduatlo_nancy.jpg  Quatro atletas no escalão de Elite, outros tantos nos Sub 23 e sete nos Juniores estão convocados para o Campeonato que se realiza em Nancy, França, no início de Maio.
  Os atletas juniores são os primeiros a entrar em acção, com Mariana Costa, Hugo Alves, José Veiga, João Amorim, Gil Maia, João Serrano e Pedro Mendes a defenderem as cores portuguesas.
Ainda no dia 1 de Maio, realizam-se as provas de Elite e Sub 23 (os atletas dos dois escalões competem ao mesmo tempo). Por Portugal, nas Elites, estarão presentes Sérgio Silva, Lino Barruncho, Tiago Silva e Maria Areosa; nos Sub 23, a selecção será composta por Miguel Arraiolos, Vasco Pessoa, José Estrangeiro e Ruben Costa.
No ano passado, em Budapeste, Pedro Laginha Palma conquistou a medalha de prata no escalão júnior, Lino Barruncho foi quarto classificado e Sérgio Silva desistiu nas Elites, e Tiago Silva foi quinto em Sub 23. Na prova de estafetas, Lino, Pedro e Sérgio arrecadaram a medalha de ouro.
A selecção nacional parte para Nancy na manhã de quinta-feira, 28 de Abril, regressando a Portugal a 3 de Maio.
icon Programa-CEDuatlo-Nancy2010 
Todas as informações sobre o Campeonato da Europa de Duatlo de Nancy estão disponíveis no sítio e no sítio oficial do evento.
Lista de Convocados:
  • Maria Areosa - Clube Olímpico de Oeiras
  • Sérgio Silva - SR Camarnal/Seguros Contacto/Hilzy
  • Lino Barruncho - Clube Olímpico de Oeiras
  • Tiago Silva - Ludens Clube de Machico
Sub 23:
  • Miguel Arraiolos - CD "Os Águias" de Alpiarça
  • Vasco Pessoa - Clube Triatlo do Fundão
  • José Estrangeiro - Associação Académica de Coimbra
  • Ruben Costa - Sporting Clube de Portugal
  • Mariana Costa - Clube Triatlo do Fundão
  • Hugo Alves - Clube Triatlo do Fundão
  • José Veiga - Clube Olímpico de Oeiras
  • João Amorim - Alhandra Sporting Club
  • Gil Maia - Clube Fluvial Vilacondense
  • João Serrano - SR Camarnal/Seguros Contacto/Hilzy
  • Pedro Mendes - CD "Os Águias" de Alpiarça
icon Convocatoria EuropeuDuatlo2010

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R.I.P. Juan Antonio Samaranch

Samaranch (foto AP)
Morreu Juan Antonio Samaranch

O ex-presidente do Comité Internacional Olímpico (COI), Juan Antonio Samaranch, de 89 anos, morreu, esta quarta-feira, numa clínica em Barcelona.

De acordo com a imprensa espanhola, Juan Antonio Samaranch tinha sido hospitalizado no domingo por causa de uma insuficiência cardíaca e o seu estado foi progressivamente piorando. Esta quarta-feira acabou por não resistir mais.

Samaranch foi presidente do COI entre 1980 e 2001.

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Boston Marathon 2010


Silva and Findlay in Monterrey

 race video
Portugal's Joao Silva grabbed the 2010 ITU Monterrey World Cup in Monterrey, Mexico. Paula Findlay of Canada won the women's race with a dominating performance and thus earned her first Word Cup title.

The women

As expected American Hayley Peirsol took the lead from the start and swam away from all the other competitors. She ended up with a 40 second lead over a group that included Findlay, Claudia Rivas (MEX), Line Jensen (DEN), Mari Rabie (RSA), Chie Nakashima (JPN) and Elizabeth Bravo (ECU). The next group which contained favorite Ai was another 50 seconds further back.

Peirsol wasn't waiting around on the bike for the front pack to catch up to her, after all she had worked hard during the swim for that nice lead. But the chase pack eventually caught her and the now new lead pack worked hard to not let the Ueda group make contact. Getting back to T2 the leaders had a 40 second cushion over the chasers and the race was on.

Findlay and Nakashima then set a hard pace on the run and pulled away from the other competitors, but 5k into run Findlay managed to drop Nakashima. Ueda meanwhile had run herself into second position, but that was as close as she would get. Findlay crossed the line first and was ecstatic about her first Word Cup win.

"I'm so surprised right now. I really didn't expect that," said Findlay. "I felt good on the first 5K, but the last half of the run was really a struggle."

The men
Canadian Andrew McCartney led the men out of the water with Americans Brian Fleischmann, Cameron Dye and Ben Collins not far behind.

Once on the bike, a lead group of 8 emerged containing the 4 fast swimmers, Germany's Stefan Zachaeus and Gregor Buchholz and Portugal's Joao Silva and Duarte Silva Marques. Behind them the main pack was led by Matt Chrabot, but they seemed unable to gain on the leading eight. By the time they all hit T2 the gap was still 40 seconds as it had been after the swim.

Zachaeus had the fastest transition, but it was Silva and Marques who surged into the lead soon after. Halfway through the run Silva had a 20 second lead over Marques and 15 more on Chrabot, Manny Huerta and Seth Wealing. Silva continued to run comfortable up front and managed to cross the line in first. Behind him Buchholz had pushed hard to catch up to the Americans, but in the end Chrabot was just too fast for him. Chrabot crossed the line in second and Buchholz earned the final podium spot.

ITU World Cup Monterrey
Monterrey, Mexico / April 18

Top 10 men

1. Joao Silva (POR) 1:44:40
2. Matt Chrabot (USA) 1:45:05
3. Gregor Buchholz (GER) 1:45:08
4. Seth Wealing (USA) 1:45:15
5. Manuel Huerta (USA) 1:45:21
6. Duarte Silva Marques (POR) 1:45:25
7. Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) 1:45:35
8. Tyler Butterfield (BER) 1:45:38
9. Erhard Wolfaard (RSA) 1:45:41
10. Aurelien Lescure (FRA) 1:45:44

Top 10 women

1. Paula Findlay (CAN) 1:56:40
2. Ai Ueda (JPN) 1:58:03
3. Line Jensen (DEN) 1:58:25
4. Mari Rabie (RSA) 1:58:51
5. Elizabeth Bravo (ECU) 1:59:00
6. Hailey Peirsol (USA) 1:59:02
7. Alicia Kaye (CAN) 1:59:09
8. Claudia Rivas (MEX) 1:59:20
9. Jenna Shoemaker (USA) 1:59:25
10. Mary Beth Ellis (USA) 1:59:55

resultados completos

Potts and Warriner rule New Orleans 70.3

Andy Potts lead from start to finish as he won the 2010 Ochsner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans in a time of 3:43:44. Sam Warriner captured the women's title in a time of 4:16:44.

The men

2007 70.3 World Champion Any Potts used a monster swim to gain over 1:30 over the closest pursuer Graham O'Grady by the time he reached the swim-bike transition. Not too far behind O'Grady were a bunch of the other favorites, namely Terenzo Bozzone, Fredrik Van Lierde, Dirk Bockel and 2007 Ironman Hawaii World Champion Chris McCormack.

Bozzone cranked it hard on the bike and managed to push past the flying Potts enroute to T2. Van Lierde and Bockel also were still within striking distance, but McCormack seemed to be fading out of the picture. O'Grady and Paul Amey were next to finish the bike and all eyes were now on the runners.

Despite the very warm temperatures, Potts looked very smooth and ran a race best 1:12:40 half marathon on his way to the title. Bozzone held on to second place and Amey's 1:15:43 run catapulted him into third.

The women
Dede Griesbauer led the women out of the water and had over 4 minutes on a group that contained some of the pre-race favorites such as Sam Warriner, Linsey Corbin and Yvonne Van Vlerken. Meredith Kessler and Amy Marsh however were in much closer striking distance after the swim, trailing Griesbauer by a 1:02 and 1:44 respectively.

Marsh then put the hammer down on the bike and used a 2:18:25 bike split to land her in T2 in first place. Griesbauer, was next into T2 and had maintained her lead on Warriner and Corbin, and managed to add some additional distance between herself and Kessler. The fastest bike split of the day among the women belonged to Heather Jackson who managed to make back 5 minutes of the 10 minutes she had lost to Griesbauer during the swim.

Once on the run though it soon became the Warriner and Corbin show. Despite the very hot conditions, Warriner and Corbin pushed themselves into first and second with a valiant Marsh holding on to third. Warriner though was not going to be denied on this day and crossed the line first in a time of 4:16:44. Corbin crossed the line in second about a minute later and Marsh rounded out the podium another 2.5 minutes behind Corbin.

"I think I took the lead at about the 5 mile mark and never looked back after that," said Warriner after the race. "Once you're in that position you have to commit 100%, just lay your cards on the table and give it absolutely everything you have, that's what I did, and it paid off today."

Ochsner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans
New Orleans, LA / April 18

Top 10 men

1. Andy Potts (USA) 3:43:44
2. Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) 3:47:17
3. Paul Amey (GBR) 3:49:52
4. Frederik Van Lierde (BEL) 3:50-19
5. Dirk Bockel (LUX) 3:54:02
6. Ben Hoffman (USA) 3:56:28
7. Graham O’Grady (NZL) 3:58:10
8. Swen Sundberg (GER) 3:58:53
9. Brandon Marsh (USA) 4:00:44
10. Balaczs Csoke (?) 4:03:28

Top 10 women

1. Sam Warriner (NZL) 4:16:44
2. Linsey Corbin (USA) 4:17:55
3. Amy Marsh (USA) 4:20:23
4. Meredith Kessler (USA) 4:22:06
5. Lauren Harrison (USA) 4:28:49
6. Heather Jackson (USA) 4:29:36
7. Dede Griesbauer (USA) 4:30:07
8. Jacqui Gordon (RSA) 4:32:12
9. Margaret Finley (USA) 4:35:34 * AG F35-39
10. Anne Basso (FRA) 4:36:42

quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

Época Internacional Triatlo 2010

 Director Técnico Nacional anuncia época internacional 2010

Após a Taça da Europa de Triatlo de Quarteira, em que a selecção portuguesa, representada por 14 atletas, alcançou a medalha de ouro na prova feminina (Vanessa Fernandes) e prata na masculina (João Silva), segue-se a participação na segunda etapa da Taça do Mundo de Triatlo.
Depois de Mooloolaba (Austrália), é a vez de Monterrey (México) receber, domingo, 18 de Abril, a Taça do Mundo de Triatlo com quatro portugueses em acção: Duarte Marques, João Pereira, João Silva e Miguel Arraiolos. O Director Técnico Nacional, Sérgio Santos, encara a prova desta forma:
"Na sequência de Quarteira, o grupo inicial do Projecto Olímpico Londres 2012 inicia a sua participação em competições pontuáveis para o Campeonato do Mundo de Elite e procura subir nos rankings, para alcançar posições que permitam o acesso às listas de participantes das WCS (World Championships Series)."
Mês de Maio
No dia 2, Nancy (França) acolhe o Campeonato da Europa de Duatlo. "Participação na procura de lugares no pódio. Portugal é um dos melhores especialistas de Duatlo da Europa e do Mundo e pretende-se representação alargada em todos os escalões (Elite/S23/juniores)".
Uma semana depois, a 8 de Maio, realiza-se a segunda etapa do Campeonato do Mundo de Triatlo Elite em Seul (Coreia). "Será a estreia da Selecção Nacional (SN) na WCS de 2010. É o primeiro teste com todos os melhores triatletas do Mundo. O objectivo é mais uma vez a subida nos rankings para possibilitar a selecção futura de competições."
No final do mês, no dia 29, Valência (Espanha) é o palco do Campeonato do Mundo Universitário. "Será a primeira experiência numa competição destas. Pela qualidade dos nossos triatletas universitários, a possibilidade de discutirem lugares cimeiros é elevada."
Mês de Junho
O Campeonato do Mundo de Triatlo Elite regressa com a terceira etapa, a efectuar-se na capital espanhola, Madrid, no dia 5. "Constitui a primeira competição da qualificação olímpica! A presença está dependente de resultados e rankings atingidos com competições internacionais anteriores."
Como é habitual, Font Romeu, em França, recebe o Estágio de Altitude da SN de Elite e Júnior (de 7 a 30 de Junho), assim como do Triatlo Longo (de 07 a 26). O objectivo é preparar os respectivos Campeonatos da Europa. "O objectivo é a preparação da Selecção Nacional para estar o melhor possível e conseguir base para competir muito e bem no mês de Julho. O Campeonato da Europa é sempre o objectivo mais importante a seguir ao Campeonato do Mundo."
No dia 12, atenções centradas no Triatlo Internacional de Pontevedra (Espanha), prova vocacionada para a SN de triatlo. "É um teste ao percurso do Campeonato da Europa de 2011. Participação com a Selecção Nacional Sub 23 que não está envolvida na preparação em altitude do Europeu de Elite/Júnior."
Ainda em Espanha, mas agora em Vitória, a 26 de Junho, terá lugar o Campeonato da Europa de Triatlo Longo (4-120-30). "Participação com SN restrita. O objectivo passa por tentar ficar entre os 16 primeiros e criar base na distância longa. Alguns dos triatletas da SN actual irão passar para esta distância no final do ciclo Olímpico 2012."
Mês de Julho
O Campeonato da Europa de Triatlo Elite e Júnior chega no dia 3, em Athlone (Irlanda). "Objectivo Máximo! Pontuar para o Ranking mundial com Elite e conquistar os melhores lugares possíveis com juniores que irão definir número de dorsais para Campeonato do Mundo da categoria."
Na semana a seguir, dia 10, o destino é Holten (Holanda) com a quinta etapa da Taça do Mundo de Triatlo. "Participação para Projecto Olímpico de 2012 para os que tiverem ainda dificuldades de entrada em rankings. Criar possibilidade de participação aos que necessitam de mais experiencia em função de prestações em WCS."
Também a 10 de Julho, a Selecção Nacional de Juvenis e a Selecção YOG (Jogos Olímpicos da Juventude) reúne-se no Centro de Alto Rendimento em Montemor-o-Velho para o Estágio Preparatório do Europeu de Juvenis e Jogos Olímpicos da Juventude. "Preparação ‘em casa' na sequência do estágio em altitude e antes do próximo. Permite o contacto com atletas Sub 23 envolvidos em qualificação Olímpica."
Hamburgo e Londres são os destinos do Campeonato do Mundo de Triatlo Elite: dias 17 e 24, respectivamente. Para a etapa alemã, o objectivo é "pontuar para o ranking de qualificação Londres 2012 e Campeonato do Mundo de Elite. Nesta fase, a SN do Projecto Olímpico 2012 já estará mais definida em função do tudo o que terá acontecido até lá".
Quanto à quinta etapa, efectuada na capital britânica, "é o teste no percurso dos Jogos Olímpicos de 2012. Pontuar para o ranking de qualificação Londres 2012 e Campeonato do Mundo de Elite é a meta a atingir."
No final do mês, a 29 de Julho, Immenstadt (Alemanha) recebe o Campeonato do Mundo de Triatlo Longo (3-80-20). "Participação com SN restrita. Tentar lugares entre os 16 primeiros e criar base na distância longa. Alguns dos triatletas da SN actual irão passar para esta distância no final do ciclo Olímpico 2012."
Mês de Agosto
Logo no primeiro dia do mês, realiza-se em Tabor (República Checa) a Taça da Europa de Juniores para a Selecção YOG (Jogos Olímpicos da Juventude). "Competição internacional para testar e proporcionar ritmo competitivo à SN YOG. Rotinas competitivas internacionais, viagens e experiência para estes atletas muito jovens."
A partir do dia 6, arranca em Font Romeu o Estágio de Altitude preparatório do Europeu de Triatlo de Sub 23 e Mundial de Duatlo. Para o primeiro evento, o estágio termina no dia 25; para a selecção de duatlo, prolonga-se até 2 de Setembro. "Preparação da SN Triatlo para o Campeonato do Mundo. Estar o melhor possível e conseguir base para competir forte até final da temporada."
A sexta etapa do Campeonato do Mundo de Triatlo Elite passa por Kitzbühel (Áustria), a 14 de Agosto. "A prioridade é pontuar para o ranking de qualificação Londres 2012 e Campeonato do Mundo de Elite."
No dia seguinte, são os Jogos Olímpicos da Juventude em Singapura. "Será a primeira participação numa competição de mais elevado nível para jovens nascidos em 1992-1993."
De 16 de Agosto a 7 de Setembro, as Selecções Nacionais de Elite, Sub 23 e Júnior estarão em Estágio de Altitude preparatório do Campeonato do Mundo de Triatlo dos respectivos escalões.
Perto do final do mês, Kedzierzyn Kozle é o palco do Campeonato da Europa de Triatlo Sub 23 e Juvenis. "Objectivo Máximo para os Sub 23 e Juvenis. O Escalão Sub23 tem conquistado medalhas nas últimas cinco edições. Continua a aposta para assegurar o reforço futuro da SN Elite e Projecto Olímpico."
Mês de Setembro
O Campeonato do Mundo de Duatlo em Edimburgo (Grã-Bretanha), a 2 de Setembro, marca o início deste mês. "Participação com atletas que irão lutar por lugares no pódio. Representação mais restrita que no Campeonato da Europa de Duatlo em função dos resultados conseguidos."
No dia 10, Budapeste (Hungria) concentra todas as atenções com a Finalíssima do Campeonato do Mundo de Triatlo Elite e o Campeonato do Mundo de Triatlo Sub 23 e Júnior. "É o final da temporada internacional, a última competição de 2010 pontuável para a qualificação Olímpica. A classificação do Campeonato do Mundo de Elite fica definida e esta competição pontua a dobrar. Os Sub 23 e Juniores estarão na sua maior força."

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Boston's that time of the year....

114th Boston Marathon race preview: so who's got what it takes to win this week


 114 years...That's a lot of years of racing and running down the historical streets of Bean Town.
So who's got what it takes to win the 114 Boston Marathon this week?

Both of last year's winners (Deriba Merga of Ethiopia and Salina Kosgei of Kenya) are back this year and are hoping to depend the men's and women's titles.
But it won't be easy because they have a lot of serious local competition.
If you are a fan of American running you'll probably be rooting for Ryan Hall of Mammoth Lakes, or Meb Keflezighi, Jason Lehmkuhle, Josh Rohatinsky and Antonio Vega.
Hall will try to become the first American to win the race since Greg Meyer won it in 1983. As you may recall from THIS photo story Hall came in 3rd last year and 10th at the Olympic marathon in Beijing and won the 2008 United States Olympic Trials marathon.
But here's an interesting fact that will make Hall a certain underdog. Kenyan runners have won the Boston Marathon all but three times since 1991.
On the women's side of the race the last American to win the race was Lisa Larsen Weidenbach. And she did it way back in 1985.
A  total of 25,000 athletes will start the race this year in the rural town of Hopkinton and finish in front of the Boston Public Library in downtown Boston on Patriots Day April 19th.

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Quem não os viu?

Os cabeçudos estiveram em Quarteira....Para quem não reparou aqui ficam as fotos....

Fabian Cancellara surpreende Boonen e vence em Roubaix

Fabian Cancellara  vence em Roubaix

Cerca de 50 quilómetros em solitário para uma vitória de antologia

Cerca de 50 quilómetros em solitário para uma vitória de antologia
O suíço Fabian Cacellara (Saxo Bank) provou hoje que o ciclismo tem (quase) tanto de desempenho físico como intelectual, escolhendo o momento ideal para atacar e vencer isolado a clássica Paris – Roubaix, feito que alcança pela segunda vez na carreira.
Dividindo protagonismo e favoritismo, à partida, com o belga Tom Boonen (Quick Step), o “Spartacus”, manteve-se atento a todas as movimentações do rival, que desferiu diversos ataques. Num período de transição, a 48 quilómetros da chegada, numa zona teoricamente fácil de alcatrão, Cancellara procurou Boonen no grupo restrito em que ambos se encontravam e surpreendeu o adversário a alimentar-se, na parte de trás do grupo. Foi o suficiente para acelerar e isolar-se. Quando o belga viu que o suíço tinha escapado tentou reagir, mas já era tarde. Cancellara somou vantagem e cortou a meta isolado, depois de cumprir os 259 quilómetros que uniram Compiègne a Roubaix em 6h35m10s, à média de 39,2 km/h.
Desde 2005 que nenhum ciclista vencia em Roubaix na semana a seguir a triunfar na Volta a Flandres. Fabian Cancellara conseguiu-o em 2010 e, com isso, deixou Boonen com mais um motivo de “azia”, já que fora o belga a lograr tal feito há cinco anos. O desfecho da corrida de hoje impediu ainda o corredor da Quick Step de igualar o compatriota Roger de Vlaeminck como recordista de vitórias nesta competição. Pelo menos até 2011, Boonen mantém com “apenas” três sucessos no Paris – Roubaix, menos um do que Vlaeminck e mais um do que Cancellara.
Perdida a hipótese de lutar pelo triunfo, Tom Boonen não teve condições físicas nem psicológicas para lutar pelo segundo posto. Num dos mais duros e históricos sectores de empedrado da corrida, Le Carrefour de l’Arbre (km 242 – 2100 m), o espanhol Juan António Flecha (Sky) e o norueguês Thor Hushovd (Cervélo) saíram em perseguição de Fabian Cancellara. Conseguiram reduzir a diferença, mas nunca se aproximaram o suficiente para colocarem em risco a cavalgada para a vitória do suíço. Flecha e Hushovd entraram juntos no Velódromo de Roubaix, com o norueguês a não ter dificuldades para bater o espanhol na discussão do segundo lugar.
O português Rui Costa (Caisse D’Epargne) abandonou, não estando entre os 74 corredores que chegaram ao fim do “Inferno do Norte”.
1      Fabian Cancellara (Swi) Team Saxo Bank      6:35:10
2     Thor Hushovd (Nor) Cervelo Test Team     0:02:00
3     Juan Antonio Flecha Giannoni (Spa) Sky Professional Cycling Team
4     Roger Hammond (GBr) Cervelo Test Team     0:03:14
5     Tom Boonen (Bel) Quick Step
6     Björn Leukemans (Bel) Vacansoleil Pro Cycling Team     0:03:20
7     Filippo Pozzato (Ita) Team Katusha     0:03:46
8     Leif Hoste (Bel) Omega Pharma-Lotto     0:05:16
9     Sébastien Hinault (Fra) Ag2R La Mondiale     0:06:27
10     Hayden Roulston (NZl) Team HTC – Columbia     0:06:59

jornal ciclismo

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Vanessa Fernandes vence em Quarteira

Vanessa Fernandes regressou às provas de triatlo em grande estilo, triunfando este domingo na primeira prova da Taça da Europa, o IX Triatlo Cidade de Quarteira/Prof. Carlos Gravata. Em masculinos, João Silva foi 2.º classificado.
                                  Vanessa Fernandes

Na prova feminina, a atleta do Benfica, saudada pelos milhares de pessoas presentes, fez a transição da natação para o ciclismo no 3.º lugar mas chegou à liderança pouco depois e, no sector de atletismo, foi aumentando progressivamente a vantagem, vencendo de forma destacada.

Uma vitória que deixou Vanessa Fernandes muito surpreendida: “Estou espantada! Sinceramente não estava à espera nem a desejar isto. Apenas queria competir, ganhar ritmo e, no final, saio satisfeita pela vitória, pois ganhar não era o objectivo. Era impensável, a sério.”

O triunfo da triatleta portuguesa, com 2.27 minutos de vantagem sobre a francesa Emmie Charayron, foi observado por um convidado especial: o secretário de Estado do Desporto, Laurentino Dias.

Vanessa Fernandes preferiu não integrar o estágio de preparação da selecção nacional para esta prova mas desmentiu qualquer má relação com a Federação de Triatlo de Portugal, elogiando o seu presidente.

“Tem-me apoiado sempre, mostra-se preocupado, tem-me dado bastante abertura nas minhas decisões, tem sido uma pessoa aberta comigo e com o meu treinador, por isso está tudo bem”, salientou, abordando ainda a relação com o director técnico nacional e ex-treinador, Sérgio Santos: “Também está tudo bem, de boa relação, não há problema nenhum.”

O espanhol Mario Mola venceu a prova masculina, depois de ter dado o «esticão» para a vitória no último sector, deixando João Silva e outros rivais para trás. O português foi 2.º classificado.

“O que faltou para chegar à vitória? Talvez acreditar mais um pouco. O Mario foi para a frente sem problema nenhum e eu tinha indicações para me preservar. Ele imprimiu um ritmo excelente e venceu de forma espectacular”, disse o triatleta português, que prepara, tal como os seus colegas da selecção nacional, o arranque do ciclo de qualificação olímpica para Londres’2012, em Junho.

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Tour de Sarthre 2010

Tiago Machado ganha contrarrelógio em La Sarthe

Tiago Machado continua a ser o mais produtivo ciclista da RadioShack, conseguindo esta tarde mais um excelente resultado, ao vencer o contrarrelógio individual do Circuito de La Sarthe, em França.
O campeão nacional da especialidade, de 24 anos, realizou um tempo canhão nos 6,8 quilómetros, totalizando 8,26 m, menos dois segundos que o espanhol Luís León Sanchez (Caísse d'Epargne), que desse modo manteve a liderança. O ciclista português é agora o 2.º da geral - estava em 21.º -, a 8 segundos.
Recorde-se que Lance Armstrong abandonou esta quarta-feira a prova devido a uma gastroenterite.
Classificação do contrarelógio (6,8 quilómetros):
1. Tiago Machado (Portugal/RadioShack), 8,26 minutos
2. Luis Leon Sanchez (Espanha) a 2 s
3. Anthony Roux (França) a 6
4. Yaroslav Popovych (Ucrânia) a 10 s
5. Christophe Riblon (França) m.t. 
Classificação geral:
1. Luis Leon Sanchez (Espanha/Caisse d'Epargne), 6.32,10h
2. Tiago Machado (Portugal) a 8 s
3. Anthony Roux (França) a 13 s
4. Yaroslav Popovych (Ucrânia) a 16 s
5. Christophe Moreau (França) a 18 s