domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

San Diego ITU World Triathlon Series 2013

Silva takes third place and leads the WTS ranking....


Highlights of the 2013 San Diego World Triathlon Men's Race
Great Britain’s Alistair Brownlee hadn’t raced an ITU event since the London 2012 Olympic Games, but the Gold medallist showed nothing had changed when he led from start to finish in his 13th ITU World Triathlon Series win in San Diego on Saturday in a performance that was simply breathtaking in it’s complete dominance over a quality field.

Silva’s third place means he is now leading heading into the event he has already won twice, Yokohama. Mario Mola’s fifth place puts him in second, while Javier Gomez sits in third in the overall 2013 ITU World Triathlon Series rankings.
“Yes I am really happy with this third place, it has been an amazing beginning of the season, I have had a good winter of training without many injuries. Mostly I am happy to be returning home after this race because I have been out since Auckland so it will be great to go home.
“In Auckland I played a little bit defensive so this one I thought why not, see what I get and Alistair is too strong so not yet. I love Yokohama so next I will be there, I have a connection with the place so we will see what happens there.”

Rankings Men

1.Joao SilvaPOR{country:alpha2}1370
2.Mario MolaESP{country:alpha2}1326
3.Javier GomezESP{country:alpha2}1264
4.Laurent VidalFRA{country:alpha2}902
5.Steffen JustusGER{country:alpha2}801
6.Alistair BrownleeGBR{country:alpha2}800
7.Richard MurrayRSA{country:alpha2}740
8.Clark ElliceNZL{country:alpha2}706
9.Matt ChrabotUSA{country:alpha2}629
10.Aaron RoyleAUS{country:alpha2}598

Elite Men

1.Alistair BrownleeGBRGB01:47:16
2.Richard MurrayRSAZA01:47:38
3.Joao SilvaPORPT01:47:52
4.Steffen JustusGERDE01:48:14
5.Mario MolaESPES01:48:18
6.Adam BowdenGBRGB01:48:22
7.Dmitry PolyanskiyRUSRU01:48:28
8.Javier GomezESPES01:48:38
9.Sven RiedererSUICH01:48:47
10.David McnameeGBRGB01:48:54