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Famed Artists Transform Lance Armstrong’s Cycles into Works of Art...

November 2009, New York City: The saying “It’s About The Bike” took on a new meaning as seven-time Tour de France champion and cycling icon Lance Armstrong raised $1.3 million to benefit LIVESTRONG – a organization founded by Armstrong, a cancer survivor, to empower and inspire others affected by cancer. The special auction took place at a Sotheby’s in New York City.

The “It’s About the Bike” auction featured seven of Lance Armstrong’s bikes used in competition, six of which were rendered into works of art by six world renowned artists: KAWS, Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey, Marc Newson, Yoshitomo Nara, and Damien Hirst.

Also up for auction was Lance’s “1274 Stolen Bike” – a bike specially designed for competition in his first ever Tour of California race in February, 2009.

Each artist incorporated themes which drew inspiration from Lance’s numerous athletic accomplishments as well as his ongoing charity work through LIVESTRONG to empower cancer survivors.

Among the surrealistic designs emblazoned on Lance’s cycles were:

· KAWS homage to classic vintage racing bikes

· Kenny Scharf’s vision of a cycle as a “space travelling machine”

· Shepard Fairey’s use of classical Italian architectural details

· Marc Newson’s vision of movement as depicted a stroboscopic rear wheel design that appears to “pulse” as it spins

· Yoshitomo Nara’s cartoon motifs which includes a moving inspirational message across the tube of the bike’s frame which proclaims “never forget your beginner’s spirit”

· Damien Hirst’s “real butterfly” configurations

Bidders competed as hard as Lance does on the track to bring home these unique bikes. The winning bids for Lance’s bikes by the respective designers were as follows:

$500,000 - designed by Damien Hirst

$200,000 - designed Yoshitomo Nara

$160,000 - designed by KAWS

$130,000 - The California “1274 Stolen Bike”

$110,000 - designed by Shepard Fairey

$110,000 - designed by Marc Newson

$ 45,000 - designed by Kenny Scharf

Each bike carries an inscription of the number 1274 -which signifies the number of days Armstrong was in retirement following his final Tour de France victory in 2005 - and the number 27.5 which represents the 27.5 million people who died from cancer worldwide during Lance’s retirement.

The California “1274 Stolen Bike” refers to the cycle stolen on February 15, 2009 from Armstrong’s equipment trailer in Sacramento after its run in the Tour of California prologue. It was recovered by police shortly afterward in time for use by Lance in the time trial.

Lance’s “It’s About The Bike” auction marks the first time Armstrong has ever sold his bikes, an effort which the cyclist admits was a difficult decision. As each of the artists gave their time freely, all proceeds from the sale will go directly to help LIVESTRONG.

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