domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

Gemmell and Holland victorious in Takapuna, N.Z.

Gemmell and Holland take Takapuna titles in dramatic fashion
The Takapuna streets were jammed packed for the latest round of the Contact Tri Series and fans were not disappointed with both elite races concluding with sprint finishes.
It was not only a tight racing but a spectacular international field on the start line and the overseas guests didn’t disappoint – taking 3 of the 6 medals on offer.

Contact Tri Series
Race 6 - Takapuna

Elite Men
1. Kris Gemmell Palmerston North 47:20
2. Ryan Sissons Auckland 47:22
3. Laurent Vidal France 47:30
4. Tony Dodds Wanaka 47:33
5. Clack Ellice New Plymouth 47:36

Elite Women
1. Vicky Holland Great Britain 50:14
2. Vendula Frintova Czech Republic 50:15
3. Andrea Hewitt Christchurch 50:17
4. Kate McIlroy Wellington 50:18
5. Debbie Tanner Auckland 51:16


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