terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

The Altitude Centre

Supporting our athletes for the 2012 Olympics
As this newsletter goes out there are only 94 days left until the Olympics.
Many athletes we are working with are keeping their altitude training under their hat to maintain their competitive advantage, but here is an up-date on those that we are allowed to talk about.
Our Altitude Centre sponsored athletes are progressing well with their altitude training. Jonathan Brownlee [pictured left] has been sleeping high and featured in an interesting article in Triathlon magazine Tri220. His world champion brother Alistair Brownlee [pictured below] , a client of ours since 2007,has also been able to use our equipment to help recover from a recent Achilles injury and is now back on top form .
We are also supporting a swimmer who has recently qualified,  helping keep our athletes on par with competitors around the world who are using altitude training both in training and whilst sleeping for improvements in Sprint and Endurance disciplines.  We are also supporting other athletes in Triathlon, Rowing, Cycling, Pentathlon, Race Walking, Marathon and 400m. We wish them all well.

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