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2010 Tri Year in Review

Performances of the Year
1. Macca at Ironman Hawaii 

5. Snowy at Hy-Vee and Budapest

Coming off a yearlong hiatus due to injury and illness, Emma Snowsill overcame a lousy swim and outran the field by a minute for a come-from-behind win and her second $200,000 check at Hy-Vee. After sorting out nagging illness and injury, Snowy outran the ITU WCS Grand Final field by two minutes for her second huge win of 2010. 

Best coaches 
6. Darren Smith

Guided Lisa Norden and Barbara Riveros-Diaz to success on the WCS circuit. 


2. Barbara Riveros-Diaz

Won first ITU World Championship Series race in Sydney 

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Tri year review

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